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I Go Shop lite

If you want to try I Go Shop before buy, you can try the free version, I Go Shop lite!
I Go Shop lite is identical to the full version, but it's ad-supported and the item list is limited to 20 entries.

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I Go Shop lite

User Review

  • I've been using this app for 5 months; absolutely superb sidekick.
    No fuss has worked flawlessly.
    10 stars, I would give.

    – Karin
  • Nice program.
    Best shopping app i found.                     

    – Benjamin
  • Great well thought out app.                     

    – Simon
  • Really like this app!                                          

    – Jade
  • GREAT!
    The only app that replaces the speed of note paper.                     

    – Pietro
  • Easy to use and useful.                                          

    – Marina
  • A very useful app.
    Works well.                                          

    – Charlie
  • A very decent shopping list app.
    Good features.                                          

    – Kyle Lane
  • Great on my phone.
    Also works on speech recognition.

    – Yusaku-san
  • This app is great!
    Now I never have to worry about forgetting my shopping list.                     

    – Jade
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